Event design



Event design

Starting with the choice of name, then going through each single item on the agenda and ending with the selection of the location and entertainment, Simonetta Rota – more than events plans events – starting with a blank sheet of paper – based on a careful analysis of the briefing and needs of the customer.

If you have no idea how to create an event, Simonetta Rota – more than events is the events agency, based in Lugano, which will be able to support you each step of the way on every aspect concerning the conception and organisation of your upcoming events.

Simonetta Rota and her staff take care of every detail concerning the organisation of events, from the most enjoyable and creative ones (choice of concept, food and drink, entertainment, etc.) through to the less glamorous issues (such as organising the transportation, equipment and staging of locations, among others).

Simonetta Rota – more than events deals with a number of aspects in the organisation of the events it conceives, designs, plans and develops, including:

. Identification of the objectives
. Budget definition and management
. Concept design and development
. Feasibility studies
. Selection of the date
. Programming and agenda
. Selection of the entertainment
. Audio-visual support
. Supplier contact management
. Staging the location
. Selection and management of the on-sitepersonnel
. Selection of the location(s)
. Branding
. Pre-, during and post-event communication management
. Food and beverage
. Cake design
. Mise en place / table design
. Gift scouting
. Ceremonies and awards
. Photo and video shooting
. Transportation and logistics of the participants
. Hostess and steward selection

If you are looking for events organisation agencies in Milan, Lugano, Venice, Rome. Paris, London or Geneva, Simonetta Rota – more than events is the one you need: it stands out for its ability to select the right solutions for the different needs of individual customers. The organisation of events is a very articulated and complex activity and Simonetta Rota and her staff manage to integrate themselves seamlessly with structured organisations, take care of organising events in their entirety based on a briefing.

During the creation of an event, whatever its level of involvement in its implementation, Simonetta Rota – more than events clearly defines the objectives with the customer. From there, using the brainstorming technique, it defines the marketing message that the event wishes to convey. This is the basis for the creation and subsequent implementation of the actual event. All aspects and variables (decision on the date, suppliers, entertainment experiences, location, etc.) must be consistent with and balance each other, as well as in line with the economic plan and the customer’s aims.
Timeline, budget, contracts, permits and feasibility studies are the priorities in the organisation of an event that has to be developed using the same enthusiasm and expertise adopted in defining the more creative aspects.
The “behind-the-scenes” planning work, which precedes the implementation and “on-site” coordination of the event itself, is perhaps the most crucial phase of the whole project, in which all of the variables related to the event are identified, examined and defined with expertise in order to eliminate unwanted surprises both from a logistical-organisational and an economic point of view.

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