Event on site coordination



Event on site coordination

For Simonetta Rota – more than events, an event is like a journey, to be experienced in its entirety, starting with the initial planning through to its completion. That is precisely why Simonetta Rota – more than events takes care of the event on-site and its staff provide assistance 24/7 throughout its duration.

Whether the event is in Lugano, Rome, Milan, St. Moritz or New York, our scrupulous approach is always the same: check every detail, every single room, dining room and conference area, as well as any equipment used so that the event takes place without mishaps.
There must be no surprises, except those planned and designed to amaze guests, according to the script.

From the management of service providers (catering, entertainment, etc.) to relations with the guests of the event using specialised personnel, selected from our internal hostess and steward agency, Simonetta Rota – more than events takes care of every aspect involved in allowing the event to take place without a hitch.
Depending on the type of event and the services requested by the customer, Simonetta Rota – more than events’ staff carefully select the most suitable personnel, consisting of:

. Event Manager
. On-sitepersonnel
. Security and bodyguard personnel
. Hostess & Stewards
. Architects and Interior Designers
. Staging personnel
. Communications Manager
. Photo andvideo shooting
. Video and lighting systems personnel

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