Location Selection



Location Selection

Whether it’s about finding the most exclusive locations in Lugano, Geneva, Lausanne, Milan and Venice or an atoll in the Maldives, the choice of venue for an event is fundamental to ensuring that the event itself is both cool and memorable.

Whether it’s a pop party or a gala event in a historic building, the best locations for events need to be searched for carefully, relating them very closely to the message that the event itself wishes to convey to the guests. Only then can a good event be transformed into a great experience.

Based on the information received from the customer during the first operational briefing, Simonetta Rota – more than events starts its search for the best location for private, corporate or cultural events, for weddings or congresses… All based on great personal sensitivity and the ability to mix the exclusivity of the location with more practical aspects, such as logistics and budget.

In selecting the right location for congresses, conferences, events, team building, incentives or private parties, the work performed by Simonetta Rota – more than events is always the same, aimed at controlling every single detail, including:

. Cost analysis
. Availability of space based on planned activities
. Accessibility
. Option of staging areas
. Logistics planning
. Possible need for equipment
. Contract negotiation

Whether the event is a board meeting, a product launch, a fair or a networking event, Simonetta Rota – more than events and her staff will present the best options, so that the customer can be sure of choosing the right location, one which will not prove to be a complication in the subsequent preparation and execution phases of the event. Our knowledge of the sector, cultural baggage and experiences gained in Switzerland and Italy, as well as in various countries throughout Europe and the world, ensure that the events conceived and implemented with the support of Simonetta Rota – more than events benefit from the right location, in line with the message of the event, working within the agreed budget at all times.

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