Team Building



Team Building

Improving relationships among colleagues, increasing mutual trust and the level of cooperation; optimising communication at all levels; fostering the development of creativity and team spirit; motivating employees, colleagues and customers to achieve a common goal… There are many, diverse objectives of a true team building exercise: Simonetta Rota is well aware of this, having developed significant experience in the sector by organising team building exercises, company courses, events to develop the ability to work in groups.

If you need to organise a team building event, Simonetta Rota – more than events is the right company to turn to: that’s because every event is designed down to the last detail and customised according to customer requirements. From team building games to organising working groups; from training courses to indoor and outdoor team building exercises, right up to ideas for boosting the ability to work in teams. Simonetta Rota – more than events is able to manage a great many proposals, capable of satisfying any need.

If you are looking for an agency for team building exercises in Milan, Rome, Venice, Bologna, Lugano or Geneva, the agency of Simonetta Rota is the answer: games, exercises, indoor and outdoor activities aimed at team building are carefully planned, with the primary goal of fully satisfying requests, while at the same time personalising each activity in a unique and original manner, so that they may prove more engaging for all participants and leave a memento of truly successful team working aimed at improving working, interpersonal, communicative and organisational relationships.

The team building ideas and activities by Simonetta Rota – more than events’s team building ideas and exercises are aimed at:

. Team building
. Team working
. Increasing motivation and awareness
. Encouraging communication
. Creating a team spirit
. Strengthening the ability to achieve common goals
. Stimulating creativity
. Going beyond your comfort zone
. Testing yourself in indoor and outdoor activities

Whatever the activity, Simonetta Rota – more than events meticulously defines the objectives and aims together with the customer, finding the most suitable, original and fully customised solutions for each different situation.

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